Baby Come Back is the 2nd episode in Season 1 of Good Luck Charlie. It continues the story of the Duncan Family that consists of Bob, Amy, PJ, Teddy, Gabe, and Charlie. It features the only appearance of Captain Stretchy and Emma.


It's been a while since Amy and Bob have been on a date, so Teddy encourages them to go to dinner while the kids babysit Charlie. When PJ takes Charlie to the park, he accidentally swaps strollers and babies with a cute girl, Emma.

Episode Summary

Teddy convinces Amy and Bob to go on a date to keep their minds off Charlie, so the kids have to "baby-sit" her. Unfortunately, PJ takes her to the park and accidentally swaps strollers with a girl named Emma. Then, the kids along with Captain Stretchy, a birthday entertainer, scour the town for Emma and Charlie. Meanwhile, Amy is worried about Charlie at a restaurant, where Emma and her family (and Charlie) also happen to be eating.

End Credits

Captain Stretchy and Gabe are in the park. Gabe shows him his half a quarter and egg trick which he previously tried earlier in the episode and failed it. However, when he cracks the egg, he drops the half a quarter into Captain Stretchy's palm, which had been "inside the egg." Captain Stretchy, amazed, asks how he did that, and Gabe tricks him into giving him a bribe in exchange for information and a new video game. Captain Stretchy pays him, and Gabe walks off and says, "What a chump", without telling him how the trick was done.


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Running Gags

Good Luck, Charlie

Amy: So the lesson is if you ever try to pull anything over Mom... Good luck, Charlie!

Charlie's Lines

Charlie does not speak yet.

Memorable Quotes

Teddy: Now, what I'm about to show you is kind of disturbing... so, brace yourself.

Amy: Mm, these sandwiches will be yummy-wummy.
Bob: Yes, they will. Yes, they will.

Teddy: Mom and Dad have been talking like that ever since you arrived, and if it's not over soon, I'm gonna go crazy-wazy.
Bob: "Hey, I know this place, they're one of my best customers!"
Amy: "NOT what you want to hear from an exterminator." (spits out chip)
Teddy: You guys, Charlie isn't even here.

Amy: No, little baby take a nappy-wappy upstairs.
Teddy: So why are you still talking like that?

Bob: I don't weally know.
Captain Stretchy: "Oh look a quarter!" [reaches for it and fails] "Oh whatever, it's not like it's a dollar, right?"
Gabe: In this hand, I have a quarter. And in this hand, an ordinary egg. So I put them in this hat... spin them around a little.. and... PRESTO!

[Egg and quarter fall out of hat when he turns it upside down and egg cracks.]

Teddy: Just out of curiosity, what was supposed to happen?
Amy: Bob! Move your butt!
Bob: I'm coming!!
Teddy: Alright... you guys have fun, stay out as late as you want. Oh, but not too much fun, we have enough kids already.

[Amy and Bob laugh, Teddy stops Bob.]

Teddy: I'm serious.
Teddy: PJ, you brought home the wrong baby!

PJ: What? No, I didn't.
Teddy: [Removes blanket from baby.] Look, wrong parts!
[Baby pees on living room carpet.]

Gabe: There's nothing wrong with those parts!
[PJ tries to call Emma.]
PJ: Hello, is Emma there? This is a Chinese Restaurant? Sure, I'll hear the specials!
Gabe: Well...maybe we should call someone. Who do you call when you're trying to find a baby?

PJ: Captain Stretchy!

Teddy: What is that?
Captain Stretchy: Here's what I know. Her name is Emma.

PJ: I just told you that.

Captain Stretchy: I didn't say the information was fresh.
Teddy: Charlie!

PJ: Emma!
Teddy: Charlie!
PJ: Emma!
Gabe: Marco!

Captain Stretchy: Polo!
Captain Stretchy: I'll know it when I see it.
Teddy: Great! You'll help us tonight and we'll get you into that murdle tomorrow. You do understand we're not gonna put you in it that you have to do yourself.
Gabe: Hey, look. Captain Stretchy dropped his driver's license. 175 pounds, my butt!
[Teddy, Gabe, and PJ are with Emma's brother at the Mexican restaurant.]

PJ: Do you think it'd be better or worse if we had the Mariachi deliver the news?

Teddy: Well, if it's in Spanish, probably better.
Emma: You put it in wrong. That 3's suppose to be a 2.
PJ: Oh...

Background Information

  • This episode was watched by 3.8  million viewers when it first premiered.
  • This is the first time Amy is seen smoking.


  • Just before Gabe does the magic trick, Amy is holding the cracker in the right hand, but when the camera cuts back to her, she is holding it in her left hand.

Production Information

  • This episode was filmed after the series got picked up in August 2009, five months after the filming of the pilot episode, "Study Date". This means that Jason Dolley (PJ) was 18 during filming, Bridgit Mendler (Teddy) was 16, Bradley Steven Perry (Gabe) was 10, and Mia Talerico (Charlie) was almost 1.

International Premieres

  • June 19, 2010 (Disney Channel Poland)



  • Baby Come Back- The title of the episode, Baby Come Back, could be a reference to the song, Baby Come Back, by the 1970's music group, Player.
  • Come Back to Me- The title also could be a reference to the more recent song, Come Back to Me, by Vanessa Hudgens.


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