This is the twelfth episode of the fourth season of Good Luck Charlie. This episode was seen by 3.3 million people.


Bob drags Amy along to Denver Pest Control Association's annual function (Bug Prom). Amy complains that she has to go, and Teddy is glad that she does not have to go to one of these outings, until Beau asks her to go. The night turns into a disaster when Teddy finds out that Beau's aunt Karen (Brooke Dillman) is actually the woman that Amy can't stand, the one who worked at the hospital with her. Karen and Amy have a dance off competition. Gabe gets tickets to watch a new movie with Lauren, but she ends up going camping and so Mrs. Dabney tells Gabe to take her to the movies instead so the ticket does not get wasted. Gabe agrees, but Mrs. Dabney talks loud in the theatre, and she and Gabe get kicked out. Meanwhile, PJ watches over Charlie and Toby, and also has to bake a cake for cooking school. It ends up not tasting that great, but then Charlie bakes a cake in her little oven which tastes really good, so PJ wants to forge it as his own. 


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Guest Stars

  • Brooke Baumer as Phyllis Graber
  • Patricia Belcher as Estelle Dabney
  • Luke Benward as Beau Landry
  • Brian T. Delaney as Actor #2 
  • Brooke Dillman as Karen
  • Kalia Fullerton as Food Court Worker
  • Gary Kraus as Jerry Graber
  • Coy Stewart as Warren


Teddy's Choice
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