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Charlie Did It! is the 6th episode in Season 1 of Good Luck Charlie.

Episode Summary

Unbeknownst to Teddy and Gabe, sweet little baby Charlie grabs a pair of drugstore sunglasses without buying them and sets off alarms as they try to exit. When the overzealous store manager detains them, their afternoon turns into an in-store adventure for Gabe while Teddy befriends the assistant manager, Alice, who coincidentally is the most unpopular girl in their school. Meanwhile, PJ and Emmett come up with a jingle for Bob's new commercial, but find that they are all not in agreement, which breaks PJ's heart.

End Credits

Amy, PJ & Bob star in Bob's new commercial.

The end credits showed the commercial for Bob's Bugs Be Gone. It stars PJ as a bug, Amy as a spokeswoman, and Bob as himself as a wrestler. The commercial showed a wrestling match and Bob squashing the bug in the ring, while the Bob's Bugs Be Gone new jingle, that PJ came up with, plays. The end of the commercial shows an informative announcement about Bob's Bugs Be Gone's responsibilities.


Jingle Number One:

One, Two, Three, Four

Bob's Bugs Be Gone, Bugs Be Gone

He kills them dead, dead, dead,

dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead!


Jingle No 2:

(Reggae Music plays)

Da bug, mon

Yeah, da bug, mon

Don't delay, call Bob today

Dial three





The bug man crushed my dreams

Everything I wanted to be

Bob's bugs be gone was the death of me.


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Running Gags

Good Luck, Charlie

Amy: Teddy, can I ask you a question?

Teddy: Sure mom.
Amy: Why is Charlie's Mugshot all over the Reddi Mart?
[Teddy looks at the picture with the camera.]

Teddy: If I go down. I'm taking you with me. Good luck, Charlie.

Charlie's Lines                                                                      

Charlie does not speak yet.

Memorable Quotes

Teddy [On phone.]: "So then Spencer said, are you coming to my party tonight and inside I was like "AHHH!" But on the outside I was like "Sure, whatevs". No, so then I said "You know what should I bring?" And he said "just your cute self". And that time I did say "AHHH!"
PJ: Don't worry Dad, once I'm accepting the Grammy for best exterminator jingle, I'll say this one's for you dad and my girlfriend Taylor Swift (turns head) what's up Tay Tay!
Teddy: What's wrong with you?

Gabe: No T.V, no computer, no video games, I'm freaking out!
Teddy: Why don't you read a book?
Gabe: Sure, right after I clean my room. Do you even know me?

Teddy: You're a strange little dude.
Gabe: Where are you going?

Teddy: To the store. We're out of diapers.
Gabe: Take me with you!
Teddy: You wanna go shopping for diapers?
Gabe: No, but I will not stay here and have these machines mock me.

Teddy: Again, strange little dude.

Background Information

  • This episode was watched by 3.9 million viewers.
  • Gabe said that Charlie asked for a milkshake and Charlie doesn't speak yet. Unless she spoke off camera, or Gabe tried to blame it on Charlie.
  • If Teddy, Gabe, and Charlie were caught shoplifting in real life, Hugo probably would have called their parent(s) or guardian(s).
  • This episode features Amy's poem, Locker.
  • Gabe puts Mentos into the soda bottles at the store, a popular trick to make soda bottles explode.

Production Information

International Premieres

  • August 7, 2010 (Disney Channel Poland)


  • Teddy says that Alice is in her Spanish class, yet in the future episode Appy Days, Amy says that Teddy takes French and not Spanish; unless Teddy switched from Spanish to French.







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