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Charlotte Elizabeth “Charlie" Duncan[1] is one of the main characters and the titular character of Good Luck Charlie. She is the second youngest of the Duncan family. Charlie She envies her brother, Toby Duncan, though eventually comes to terms and accepts him. She was born three weeks before she was due.

Teddy, her older sister, is making a video diary for Charlie to help her with their "special" family and to give her some advice.

She spoke for the first time in Sleepless in Denver, but it seemed to have gone unnoticed by the family at that time.

She is portrayed by Mia Talerico and in episode "Futuredrama" by Ava Sambora as a 14-year-old when 10 years in the future, 14 year-old Charlie watches a video diary that Teddy made about a fight she had with Gabe, in hopes that it will guide her through her fight with an 11 year-old Toby.


Charlotte (Charlie) in season 3


Charlie is extremely cute and playful. She is known as a combination of all of the Duncan kids- she has the kindness of PJ, the intelligence of Teddy, and the mischievousness of Gabe. As a little one her thing was to clap her hands. She is adorable.

Personal life

Charlie was the fourth child born to Bob Duncan and Amy Duncan. She is the youngest girl in the family.

She was the baby in the family until Amy announced she was carrying the 5th baby. ("Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!").

Charlie's favorite show is The Gurgles. In fact, Teddy bought her tickets to go to the Gurgles live in concert on her 2nd birthday in the episode "Charlie is 2!"

She also at one point had to watch the Gurgles to go to the bathroom. This occurred in the episode "Let's Potty".


PJ Duncan

PJ and Charlie.jpg

Being the oldest sibling, PJ often babysits Charlie. Although PJ sometimes uses Charlie to get girls, The affection PJ has for Charlie is obvious. PJ can't get mad at Charlie because she is so cute. It is obvious they have a loving brother-sister relationship. They hardly ever argue or fall out like the other Duncan siblings.

Teddy Duncan

Teddy and Charlie have a special sister bond. They are the only female children in the Duncan family. Teddy loves her sister so much she makes video diaries for her to survive the Duncan family. She does this because she wants Charlie to be a good girl and to lead her in the right directions. Sometimes though, Teddy gets upset with Charlie, like when Charlie ruined Teddy's laptop, but they renewed their friendship after PJ revealed he accidentally took it, thus making a crabby friendship for them in that episode.

In Futuredrama, it's shown that Charlie uses Teddy's video diaries to try to solve her problems when she's older.

Gabe Duncan

Main article: Gabe and Charlie's relationship

Gabe and Charlie have an interesting relationship. Initially, Gabe hated Charlie as she stole his spotlight as the youngest child. Slowly, he began to like her more, especially after she threw up on Teddy. The first time Gabe got to take care of Charlie was when he changed her diaper and then things changed between them. Gabe still thinks Charlie takes away the focus from him and 'ruined his life' as he tells Charlie about before Toby is born. Charlie seems okay with her brother, but she gets mad at him occasionally and sometimes tells on him like when she tells Bob that Gabe stole his can in "Can You Keep a Secret?" Also in one episode Gabe chooses Charlie to sleep with him (because he was scared after watching a clown movie where a boy goes into another dimension through the closet). In Seasons 3 and 4, they get along and Gabe loves Charlie more and spends more time with her in those 2 seasons.

Toby Duncan


Toby is Charlie's unexpected younger sibling.

It was revealed that Amy was pregnant again and that Charlie would have a younger brother or sister in Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas! the latest Christmas/Holiday Movie.

It is inferred that Charlie may have a sense of jealousy towards the new baby due to her no longer being the baby in the Duncan family, just like Gabe.

Later, she asks Teddy if Bob and Amy "take the baby back (from the hospital)". This was unjust, despite the fact Toby was born on her third birthday. Charlie said that she liked Toby as "her present."

However, Charlie was shown to still hate Toby, such as when she tried to mail him away in Team Mom or put all of his toys in the driveway and throw away a doll that Amy gave her in Guys and Dolls, but she grew to love him after Amy played a trick on her by pretending Toby could talk and told Charlie not to tell anyone his secret.

However, it is shown that Charlie still doesn't like Toby, as in the end credits of Charlie 4, Toby 1 when she wished Toby was gone after blowing the candles on her cake and making a wish.

During the end credits of Futuredrama, Charlie asks her fourteen year-old self if Toby ever moves in with her grandmother. The elder Charlie sighs and says she's still working on it.


In the Future, Charlie is 14 and her brother Toby is 11. She continues to have fights with Toby. Even though she has tried for the past 10 years to get her parents to send him away to her grandmother's house, nothing works. She looks back over Teddy's video diaries to help her. They are stored on her tablet.


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