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Charlie is 1 is the 8th episode in Season 1 of Good Luck Charlie.

Episode Summary

The hospital alerts the Duncan's that the baby is coming, and they all try to get there. PJ and Bob have to go behind a chicken truck on two peoples motorcycles, Teddy leaves a birthday she is the entertainment for, and Gabe, who appears to have a Mohawk since he is home alone and gets a ride to the hospital with Mrs. Dabney. Eventually, the rest of the family do get there in time and Gabe meets and learns of the motorcycle owners, Mad Dog and Francis' son Hog, who changed his name to Kevin. PJ meets a stressing new father in the waiting chairs; the man says it's obviously his first time. The man asks PJ how many times he'd been there, and PJ says 3. The man, believing PJ was a father, says how old he was the 1st time. PJ, not realizing he was believed to be a dad, says he was 2, referring to Teddy's birth. The man then leaves, disturbed. When they see Charlie, PJ and Bob are covered in feathers, Gabe has a Mohawk and Teddy is dressed as Frankenstein. While taking the photo, the nurse says, "Good Luck, Charlie." Back at the party, Mad Dog and Francis arrive at the door with their present for Charlie. Amy doesn't know why they're here, so Bob reveals they believe that for helping the dad get there and for being there, they should be godparents. They give Charlie a diamanté biker jacket.

End Credits

PJ and Bob are seen in the house with flashlights. Bob tells PJ to wait on the stairs. PJ says that he could hide. Bob goes into the kitchen, turns on the lights, and the bear is in the kitchen with the refrigerator open.


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  • When Gabe was home alone and before he was going to slide down the stairs the bubble machine is on, but after he slid down the stairs, the bubble machine is off. When Mrs. Dabney rang the doorbell, the bubble machine was back on again.
  • Throughout the episode, Teddy's costume is misinterpreted as Frankenstein when it is really Frankenstein's monster.

Running Gags

Good Luck, Charlie

Carla: Quite a family you got there. Good luck, Charlie. [Takes a picture of the Duncan family.]

Charlie's Lines

Charlie does not speak yet.

Memorable Quotes

[Looking at PJ's PJs.]
Teddy: Boy, those are going to be tough to regift.
Teddy: Die, Zombies, Die?
Gabe: Hey, you're never too young to learn how to kill zombies.
Amy: Ugh, I can't wait to get this thing out of here!
Teddy [To Gabe.] You heard her. Get out.
PJ: What's that smell?
Amy: I'm pregnant. I have gas. Deal with it.
Bob: Ready to go have some fun?
PJ: Yeah, but I have to go fishing with you.
Amy: Hi, Frankenstein. Hi-- OOOHHHH!
Ivy: I had the same expression when I saw this wig!
Bob: Now, the bikers were coming on strong, so I had to come on stronger.
Flashback Bob [Curled up on the ground.]: Please don't hurt us, please don't hurt us!
Ivy: HEY! If Gretel gets hit with a football, there's going to be one less Tyler at this party.
Ivy: Who wants to play "Pin the tail on Frankenstein"?
Bob: We had to drive forty miles behind a truck loaded with live chickens on motorcycles.

PJ: The chickens weren't on motorcycles, we were.
Carla: You must be the Duncans.
PJ: How'd you know that?

Carla: Wild guess.
(water breaks)

Amy: Can't you at least wait until I finish my waffle? OK, we'll do it your way! (calls Bob) Bob, it's time the baby's coming.

Bob: WHAT!!! We're not 3 weeks 'til due. I'm in the middle in the lake!

Amy: Bob, I've done it 3 times I can do it a 4th. And just so we're clear, there will not be a 5th (Toby).

Bob: PJ, you can't stand on the boat!

PJ: Why?

Bob: Because- (Bob and PJ scream).


  • Charlie was born 3 weeks premature.
  • When Amy was talking to Bob, she said that there would not be a 5th Duncan child, but 3 years later, she had Toby, though this must mean she changed her mind.

Background Information

  • This episode was watched by 3.7 million viewers.

International Premieres

  • January 1, 2011 (Disney Channel Poland)


  • Charlie appears in all subsequent episodes.
  • The origin of the line "Good Luck, Charlie" is revealed."
  • Gabe's hatred of Charlie is seen again.
  • This episode takes place in 2009, the year Charlie was born.
  • In the kitchen during the 2009 flashback, there was a list of possible baby names written on the refrigerator, similar to when the family has a contest for Toby's name in Name That Baby. There are several more names written on the board for Charlie's arrival than Toby's however.
    • The boy's names written on the board are: Brad, P.J. Jr., Robert Jr., Bobby, Adam, George, Steve, Emmet, Peter, Greg, Tyler, Doran, Justin, Mickey, Jonas, Adain, and Kurt.
    • The girl's names written on the board are: Emma, Victoria, Sporty, Charlotte, Sally, Pixie, Grace, Lindsey, and Amanda, and several other names blocked by the counter.


  • It is revealed the nurse was the first one to say Good luck Charlie.


Guest Stars

  • Sarah Baker as Carla
  • Diane Delano as Mad Dog
  • Shishir Kurup as Dr. Singh
  • Darnell Suttles as Francis
  • Bob McGarth as Paul Walsh


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