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Demolition Dabney is the third episode in season 4 of Good Luck Charlie. This episode got approx. 2.8 million viewers on its premiere night. The episode was filmed on January 12, 2013.

Plot I

As part of her Mama Bird segment for "Good Morning Denver," Amy decides to film Teddy's upcoming alumni interview for her Yale application. Unfortunately, she gets over-involved and makes the whole interview about herself. 

Plot II

Gabe develops a crush on the new neighbor, Lauren, until he learns that she is Mrs. Dabney's granddaughter. When Mrs. Dabney learns that Gabe and Lauren like each other, she interferes and tries to keep their relationship from developing. 

Plot III

Bob's weight loss changes his image, but he learns from Charlie that his new image may be scary to some of the customers. Because of this, Bob and Vern attempt to rekindle the image of the old Bob. 



  • Amy started her mommy blog in All Fall Down.
  • Lauren says she's staying with her grandmother and not her grandparents, implying that Mrs. Dabney is still single.
  • The couch bought in the previous episode is seen.
  • Bob's obsession with his weight loss was first brought up in The Charlie Whisperer.
  • PJ mentions throwing Gabe into the air in Snow Show, Part Two.
  • In Teddy's video diary, she says not to do certain things at home such as first dates, sleepovers, and play dates. This was all mentioned in Study Date, Sleepless in Denver, and Bye Bye Video Diary.


  • In season one, Mrs. Dabney mentions that her son, Rodney, is moving out to go to college. Rodney is also her only son. If he is in college, and, her only son, it isn't possible that Mrs. Dabney has a thirteen-year-old granddaughter. It could be possible though that the granddaughter is actually adopted.
  • Teddy says she is class of '18. If she is starting college this September, she should be the class of '17.


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