When Teddy finds out she has a reputation of a goody goody (GG) she tell Ivy she is BB not GG ,Ivy says only GG will say 'Baddy Baddy (BB)''. In meanwhile she ditches school in order to be bad. PJ tries to make a dress for Charlie for a home economics class and Gabe tries to get himself ungrounded by showing his parents an old poem written by Bob.

Episode Summary

When Teddy finds out she has a reputation as a goody goody, she ditches school with Ivy to earn a bad reputation, but runs into trouble with the authority of Super Adventure Land. PJ tries to make a dress for Charlie for a Home Ec class and Gabe tries to get himself ungrounded by bringing an old poem from Amy's high school days back to light, which he thought had been written by his father.

End Credits

The Duncans are seen in jail for the following crimes:

  • The Mayor for speaking in a ridiculous, cartoony voice.
  • Gabe for eventually making it to Super Adventure Land, but arrested three minutes later for spitting off a monorail.
  • PJ for not getting into a fashion career.
  • Amy because she just likes having her picture taken.



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Running Gags

Teddy: In fact, I'm so bad, I'm not even going to say "Good luck, Charlie".

Amy: You just did.

Teddy: Ugh!!!

Charlie's Lines

PJ: What do you like?

Charlie: I like toys.
PJ: Hm... Toys, toys... Aha! PJ draws a simple portrait of a stick person in a triangular dress That's your new look.

Charlie: No.
PJ: I told you to be fierce. Is that fierce?
Charlie: I don't know.
Teddy: Hi, Charlie.
Charlie: Hi, G.G!

Memorable Quotes

PJ: Mom can you make me a dress?

Amy: How about you just borrow one of mine. This could just be a phase.
PJ: The dress isn't for me. It's for Charlie! I have an assignment for Home Ec class where I have to make a dress.

Amy: Oh... next time, start with that.
Gabe: Handsome, smart, and rich. Oh Amy how did you let him get away?
Looking at the photo album

Gabe: Hey, there's Mom and a handsome guy at the prom.
Bob: sighs That's Bob Diddlebock.
Gabe: flips page Oh, where did Mom get that cool sports car from?
Bob: Bob Diddlebock. He had two.

Gabe: Okay then... flips page Hey, any chance you had a boat, called the S.S. Diddlebock?
Teddy won a citizenship award from Super Adventure Land after trying to be bad.

All: G.G.! G.G.! G.G.! G.G.!

Teddy: No! I'm not good, I'm bad! Very bad! Aw, what the heck. G.G.! G.G.! G.G.!
Bob: Oh, Okay. We haven't been there in a while.

Gabe: Yes! Now we can go to Super Adventure Land!
PJ comes in
Gabe: PJ! We're going to Super Adventure Land!
PJ: Didn't you hear? The place got shut down. They discovered a crime ring involving the mayor.

Gabe: NOOOOOO!!!
Amy: Teddy, What are you doing? Teddy: Noting Mom

Background Information

  • This was the first time Super Adventure Land is on screen.
  • Gabe's voice is noticeably beginning to change in this episode.

Production Information




Guest Stars

  • Steve Bean as The Mayor
  • B.K. Cannon as Lana
  • Rick Hall as Sheriff Bill
  • Portia as Mrs. Cobb


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