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Dress Mess is the 4th episode of Season 3, and the 61st episode overall. The episode was directed by Bob Korherr and was seen by 3.4 million people upon its premiere. [1]

Episode Summary

Teddy has to wear Amy's dress to her prom. She goes with Spencer but changes the dress. They end up going to PJ's prom after seeing he is having a bad prom. Amy comes, so Teddy must change into Amy's dress. She puts it on backwards. She ends up giving the dress to Amy. Amy throws up on the dress, just like before. In the end, Teddy gets the dress thrown out so Charlie won't have to wear it. PJ does not have a date for his senior prom. When the pizza delivery girl comes to his house, he becomes attracted to her. They go on a date and she asked him to go to prom with her. He agrees. However, she is homeschooled, so the prom is just her at her house, with her family. PJ does not like this, and he sends a video out to Teddy. So, Teddy and Spencer come. However, the video was accidentally sent to everyone; so Amy and Bob come. Later, he is leaving to go to Taylor's graduation. Amy does not want to look at the ultrasound; since she wants the gender of the baby to be a surprise. Bob wants to, though. Gabe comes up with a plan. It goes wrong and they grab the wrong ultrasound for a woman having triplets. In the end, Bob's mother wants to know the gender of the baby; the doctor is about to say but is cut off as the episode ends.

End Credits

Grandma Duncan (Not Linda Duncan) wants to find out if the new baby is going to be a boy or girl. The Doctor thinks that Grandma is Bob. He is proven wrong when Bob walks in. The Doctor admits if it is a boy or girl, but the episode ends before he finishes his sentence.


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Running Gags

Good Luck, Charlie.


Amy: Charlie, maybe you can wear this dress to your senior prom!
Charlie: No thank you, mommy.

Memorable Quotes

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Spencer: As long as I'm with you, I don't care where I am. (referring to Teddy)

Background Information

  • Amy reveals in this episode she's about 40, as she had her prom (when she was 17) in 1989, meaning she was born in 1972.
  • This episode got 3.6 million viewers on its premiere night.

Production Information



  • Near the end of the episode, Bob's mother is there and looks just like Bob, but in a future episode, Welcome Home, Bob's mother comes again but looks nothing like Bob.


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