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If you agree, share this or post it somewhere. Let's start educating ourselves so we can defend ourselves. READ THIS BEFORE COMMENTING: Okay so here's what's up: this is a BRIEF argument. Just because I didn't talk specifically about sodomy in this video doesn't mean that there isn't an argument that refutes that. I didn't want to make a 3 hour long video. Also, this video is not me arguing that I know what God wants. I am not saying that at all. In fact, I am solely arguing that the Bible does not condemn homosexuality. Do your research. We live in the 21st century... we should be educated and intelligent. Remember... back when the Bible was written, we still thought the earth was flat. We thought the sun revolved around the earth. We thought a lot of crazy shit, and if you begin to accept that times and people have changed, then you can HEALTHILY look at the Bible as a framework in which you can base your religion/spirituality (if you want to be religious/spiritual). GOD'S WORD changes with culture because CULTURE produces it. A CULTURE preaches it. A CULTURE translates it and a CULTURE determines its meaning. People convicted and burned "witches" a few centuries back. But those people were crazy, weren't they? Well I'm sorry to say... if you are preaching hate about homosexuals, you will be those "crazy" people that future generations look back at and are ashamed of. Let's be real... nobody knows what God wants. There is no proof of anything (which is where faith comes in... the entire point of blind faith to begin with). Stop being hypocritical. Grow up. Think for yourself. Don't let somebody do your thinking for you. I'm not arguing that I know what God wants. I'm arguing that YOU DON'T. Because you don't. Nuff said. Let's live happy, healthy lives and stop being so silly. Equality WILL happen. Gay marriage will be legalized. Just accept it and move on. Find something worthwhile to spend your time bitching about... like global warming, world hunger or violence in America. Ight, peace out bitches.


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