Charlie bites Teddy's talented boyfriend, Spencer. Also, when Teddy tells Ivy about that, she thinks that Charlie did that because she was foreshadowing that there was something wrong with Spencer. Later, Teddy finds out that he was cheating on her with a beautiful, sweet, but a dumb girl named Skyler. Meanwhile, Gabe and PJ argue over a car that belongs to PJ's friend's deceased grandmother. PJ manipulates Gabe into letting him have the car by claiming that the old lady's ghost was in the car.
Spencer and teddy

Teddy and Skyler find out...

Episode Summary

Charlie bites Spencer because she suspects something is going on with him. Teddy is worried Charlie's biting will put their relationship in a crisis. Then she has a dream where Charlie as a giant scares Spencer. Amy orders Teddy to babysit Charlie after school because she has a dentist appointment Teddy refuses but Amy makes her by telling her that she Has had a temporary crown ever since she was pregnant with her and after Teddy tells her she has to see Spencer at Work and her relationship with him is at stake. And she tells her the same thing her mom told her when she was Teddy's age to get over it and deal with it and she would like to continue the rest of the conversation but she tells her to cut to the chase she is babysitting. So she phones Ivy to watch Charlie while she sees Spencer then it is proved that Charlie's hunch is right when she meets Spencer with another girl Skyler (Samantha Boscarino). Teddy and Skylar get very angry and pour juice on his head (Skylar) and throws a pie in his face (Teddy). Teddy breaks up with Spencer and is heartbroken and breaks down; she is later seen curled up in her bed with Amy consoling her as she cries. Sub plot PJs friend's grandma dies so now he can buy her car $1000 But Bob reminds him that he’s not Santa Claus in the snowbanbut Bob reminds him that he’s not Santa Claus and he’s not a bank so. Gabe takes advantage of PJ by tricking him into signing a contract that says he has to drive Gabe wherever he wants to go. Sometime later something spooked PJ and loans the car keys to Gabe then Bob tells him about extermination call be went on at the Montana house and in that house was the Willow of Mrs. Montana the white Mrs. Montana. Another time later to get back at him, Amy pretends to be a ghost that haunts the car when Gabe sits in it. Then he gives the car keys back to PJ

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The very next day after her brake up Teddy is having another dream of Spencer walking through the neighborhood, Spencer sees Charlie as a giant, he runs away and trips. Spencer begs for mercy, soon Charlie crushes Spencer. Later, Teddy wakes up to find normal sized Charlie and says "You're such a good sister." Teddy pets Charlie on the head.


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Running Gags

Good Luck, Charlie

Teddy: I just wanted to say you were right about Spencer it’s too bad you won’t have a little sister looking out for you when you are my age, good luck Charlie.

Charlie's Lines

Memorable Quotes

Teddy: Charlie, what are you doing?! That's Spencer, not Gabe!
Teddy: It's just my way of saying "sorry" to Spencer, I didn't know you were his cousin!

Skyler: I thought you two were cousins?
Teddy: No, Spencer's my boyfriend.
Skyler: NO Spencer's my boyfriend.

Spencer sees them talking
Amy: Hey Charlie. I'm here with your sister who's having her first broken heart.

Teddy: My first? There's gonna be more?

Amy: No, honey, this is it.

Background Information

Production Information

International Premieres

  • November 13, 2010 (Disney Channel Poland)


  • It is revealed that Amy had a temporary crown when she was pregnant with Teddy.


  • This episode is similar to Scooby-Doo due to Amy pretending to be a ghost to commit a crime, which is why Gabe will most likely be getting the car back very soon.


  • Gabe or PJ could have babysat Charlie if Teddy was unavailable to watch her.


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