Kit is a girl from Gabe's class who he develops a crush on. 


Kit has curly, shoulder-length dark brown hair and brown eyes. She has light skin and is about the same height as Gabe in "Kit and Kaboodle".

Character History

Gabe has a crush on in "Kit and Kaboodle". Her parents are divorced, and she lives with her mother. She is an only child. After getting advice from his mother to find things that he has in common with Kit, Gabe tries to impress her by lying to her. Kit finds out about Gabe's lies when his real mother and father return to their houerest in Gabe when Mrs. Dabney's twin arrives and he tries to speculate whether it's her or her twin and leaves. This is the only episode she appears in.


  • She has no siblings.
  • She lives with her mom.
  • Her parents are divorced.
  • She is allergic to peanut butter
  • Gabe had a crush on her in the episode, "Kit and Kaboodle"
  • Her only appearance is in "Kit and Kaboodle"


Kit was Gabe's former crush. She has a close relationship with her mother because her mom and dad are not together.