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 Teddy learns a card game to impress a boy, to an unexpected outcome. Amy fakes an injury to escape the family. Bob wins an award and forgets to thank a certain special someone.

Plot Summary

Teddy is crushing on a guy named Evan, who Gabe remembers from playing Pokeo, a fantasy card game. Gabe teaches Teddy to play so she can have something in common with Evan, who then makes her join his L.A.R.P. (Live-Action Role Play) group out in public. Meanwhile, Charlie pokes Amy in the eye, who then pretends to be hurt in order to stay in the hospital longer, to get away from the demands of the family for a while. Bob wins an award for Exterminator of the Year and forgets to thank Amy in his acceptance speech, so PJ helps him remake the video so he can thank her.


End Credits

Bob answers the door to see Lewis (still dressed as Scalamaster) who asks Bob's permission to ask Teddy to be his girlfriend. Bob happily accepts, calling Lewis "son". Teddy then slams open the kitchen door, shouts "Reality!", ending the LARP, for which Lewis thanks Bob, who then tells Lewis to wash his car.



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Running Gags

Good Luck, Charlie.

Memorable Quotes

Amy: I missed you and Charlie and...the others. Teddy: Hey, didn't you get poked in the other eye?
Amy: Hey, want to pretend the last minute of our lives never happened?

Background Information

  • Bradley Steven Perry is still wearing a cast on his right arm in this episode due to his injury. This time his cast is blue. He wore a green cast in the previous episode Duncan vs. Duncan.
  • When Teddy goes to visit her mom, Amy is drinking out of a cup labeled Juice Box, the place where Spencer worked in Girl Bites Dog.
  • When Gabe yelled, "Moooooooom!" at the end of the video diary, the directors can be heard laughing and clapping their hands.

Production Information

International Premieres

  • November 12, 2011 (Disney Channel Poland)


  • Pokemon/ Yu-Gi-Oh!- Pokeo is a spoof of the Japanese media, Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!. Also at the end of the episode, when Gabe mentions his Slugmar card, it could be a parody of Slugma and Magmar from Pokemon.
  • Digimon- While talking to Teddy early in the episode Teddy asks Gabe if Pokeo is for "little kids" and Gabe replies "Wigimon is for little kids." making another spoof of a game series; Wigimon is a spoof of Digimon.


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