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Mel Duncan is the uncle of Bob Duncan and brother of Frank Duncan. Mel appears in Take Mel Out to the Ball Game. He is portrayed by Blake Clark


Mel can be crazy sometimes. Mel loves baseball and thinks one should be tough on a kid or they will get soft. When he was Bob's coach, he pushed him a lot, so he was the best. At the baseball game, he was shown to be both rude and irritable, insulting the baseball team and provoking a nearby mom who was demanding Teddy to stop Mel from scaring her kids, but unfortunately, to make things worse, he deliberately mooned the entire stadium as Teddy and Ivy were covering his rear end with their foam fingers, only Teddy, Ivy, and Mel were on the jumbo screen. At the house, Mel and Bob ended up becoming friendly towards each other, just before Mel had to go to the bathroom, only to accidentally use the closet as a bathroom instead.

Personal life

Mel lives at a retirement home and doesn't get out much.


Bob Duncan

Mel is Bob's uncle. When Bob was young, Mel would often criticize him. One day Mel said something so hurtful, Bob never spoke to him again, until Teddy meddled in their business. They are currently under good terms.

Teddy Duncan

Mel likes Teddy but thinks her (and Charlie's) name is weird because they are typically boys' names. He thought her name was Heddy at first. But, he thanks Teddy for letting him go to a baseball game. In the retirement home, Mel made her sing "Swany River."


  • It's unknown if he ever had a spouse or any kids or grandchildren.