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The Duncans go to a Ski Resort that is the place where Amy and Bob married. Teddy meets a woman named Sarah that is a psychic, and Sarah tells Teddy that she will find "the love of her life" in the Ski Resort. Gabe starts to order things in the room service, then he realizes he can't pay the bill, so there are consequences.

Episode Summary

The Duncans go on a family road trip to a ski resort in the mountains. Teddy gets a reading from a psychic that she will meet the love of her life. Gabe abuses room service to get back at a bellhop (Steve Hytner) who used to be his teacher, PJ meets two sisters who take care of him after going on the wrong snowboarding trail. Bob and Amy find out they are not actually married because the judge who married them was a con artist.

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Memorable Quotes

  • The "talk" is mentioned in the first very beginning.

Background Information

  • This is the only episode so far that Teddy didn't do her video diary (this is because she only does her video diaries at the end of each episode, and apparently, this is a two-part episode).
  • This episode is also known as 'Love is in the Air'
  • It is revealed that Amy's maiden name is Blankenhooper.
  • It is also Gabe & Charlie's 1st vacation since Gabe's 1st vacation was visiting Grandma after she had been to the doctor which he claimed that it was not a vacation.

PJ Goof In Snow Show 1


  • When PJ is carrying the snowboard to cover himself up due to him appearing to be naked behind the snowboard, he is shown to be running off to his hotel room. Of course, his butt wasn't covered up; but you could tell he had red flowery briefs on.
  • Jason Dolley was the first disney actor to show his outie belly button on screen. Untill then disney did not show outies due to "estetical" reasons.
  • When Gabe was tossing the salad, you could see eggs and peppers and corn in it but he didn't put any in and didn't have any on the cart.

    PJ goof in "Snow Show"

  • When PJ hits the sign that says "not a trail" his pants were black, but the video of a snowboarder falling (who is supposed to be PJ) shows the pants were yellow.

Production Information

International Premieres

  • May 30, 2012 (Disney Channel Poland)


  • This is the second time that a Duncan is asked if Gabe is too old. (Study Date)


Guest Stars

  • Chris Warren Jr. as Justin
  • Meagan Fay as Claire
  • Gabriel Tigerman as Will
  • Brittany Ross as Katie
  • Katelyn Pacitto as Sarah
  • Jordan Lund as Jeremiah


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