Super Adventure Land is a popular amusement park in Denver, Colorado. Gabe is really into Super Adventure Land. It was named after Milt Super, Frank Adventure, and Richard Land, but Of died, so hence the name Super Adventure Land.

Known Rides


Ran by a man named Greasy Joe.



Kiddie Kingdom

Kiddie Kingdom is a toddler area with a "Princess and the Frog" show, formerly played by Teddy and Emmett and Teddy and Spencer

Patriotic Plaza

Has a segment with Martha and George Washington that talks about how America got started. Played by Spencer and Sandy Super, but Teddy and Greasy Joe (mostly Teddy) crash the show. It also has a Founding Fathers Exhibit, that Bob wants to see. 



  • Milt Super
  • Frank Adventure
  • Richard Land
  • (Arthur Of)


  • The Sheriff
  • Mayor

Notable Employees

Teddy Duncan

  • Princess in Kiddie Kingdom (formerly)
  • Benjamin Franklin in Patriotic Plaza (formerly)

Spencer Walsh

  • Prince/Frog in Kiddie Kingdom (formerly)
  • George Washington in Patriotic Plaza (formerly)

Emmett Heglin

  • Prince/Frog in Kiddie Kingdom (formerly)

Sandy Super

  • Martha Washington in Patriotic Plaza (formerly)

Greasy Joe

  • Tilt-A-Whirl (unknown if still works)
  • Thomas Jefferson in Patriotic Plaza (formerly)



Super Adventure Land is a giant amusement park liked by Gabe and Jake. Teddy and Ivy ditched school and went there.  it has a lot of fun rides
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