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I heard you need a team mom.

— Amy Duncan

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Teddy asks Amy if she has a big head because one of her volleyball teammates said so. Amy says no, and then it shows Teddy with an unrealistically big head. Amy says Teddy's head has grown bigger because Teddy has been hanging out with her brothers, who have tiny heads.


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Charlie: Mommy
Amy: Mommy you what?

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Background Information

  • It is revealed that in the past, all Duncan siblings have tried to mail each other but to no avail: PJ tried to mail Teddy, Teddy tried to mail Gabe, Gabe tried to mail Charlie and now Charlie tried to mail Toby.
  • It is revealed that the Clown from Baby Steps name is Patches.
  • This episode got 3.575 million viewers.
  • A scene where the girls were making fun of each other at the beginning of the sleepover was deleted.

Production Information

  • This episode was filmed on February 12, 2012.


  • PJ said he has gotten over his fear of clowns on the episode "Baby Steps", but when he discovers that Molly was a clown, he still has that fear. But he might have been lying about him getting over his fear of clowns.
  • Emma Is revealed to be Gabe's date in this episode
  • In Special Delivery Charlie says that she likes Toby for her birthday present and in Guys and Dolls she tells Toby she loves him but in this episode, she tries to mail him.


  • Teddy is still on the volleyball team.
  • Charlie again on time out chair.
  • Amy helps on a team.
  • Amy mentions her being on the hockey team.


  • The title is a possible allusion to the MTV reality television series Teen Mom.
  • Molly mistaking PJ for being a medical student is a possible allusion to the plot in the Disney Channel crossover event Wizards on Deck With Hannah Montana in which London mistakes Justin for a doctor.
    • Coincidentally, Bridgit Mendler, who plays Teddy, played Juliet Van Heusen in the show as a recurring character.
  • The movie theater from the outside is exactly the same as the one shown on A.N.T Farm in the episode "Creative ConsultANT".


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