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Spencer Walsh is a two-timing pig!

— Teddy Duncan and Skyler

Teddy starts a band with Skyler, and they write a mean song about Spencer. Meanwhile, Gabe begins sleeping in Mrs. Dabney's extra room when he and PJ become tired of sharing one room. Amy takes advantage of a gym that offers free child care, so she can go to a spa across the street.

Episode Summary

Teddy is struggling to recover, after she discovered Spencer cheated on her with Skyler, which happened Two days ago, resulting in their breakup, and she thinks that she will be never happy again. After finding out that Spencer broke Teddy's heart, Ivy hunted him down as she grabbed him then asked him for Skyler's name and number, which suggests that she wanted to beat her up for hurting her best friend. However, when Teddy told her that nobody understands what she's going through, Ivy used the information Spencer gave her in order to stage an intervention as she wanted to help her best friend get over her broken heart by inviting Skyler over to the Duncan's home as she knows what she's going through. The girls are initially angry and hostile to each other at first, but break down sobbing as they comfort each other for what Spencer did to them. After talking things about Spencer, Teddy and Skyler were able to get over their heartbreak. They discover that with Teddy's poem, and Skyler's music, they could write and perform a song about Spencer that would make him miserable, which they called it Two Timing' Pig. Teddy and Skylar perform their song while Ivy film the music video. However, before Teddy can upload it, Spencer arrives at her front door to apologize and beg her to get back together. Teddy refused as she can't trust him and forgive him, but she did apologize to Spencer anyway. Through Spencer's visit and realizing that getting back at him won't solve anything, Teddy decided to not upload the video.

Meanwhile, PJ and Gabe furiously argue about how they have to share a room, which is a burden due to the fact that PJ snores heavily, and Gabe screams in his sleep. Gabe makes a diagram and while his new sleeping arrangement seems to work, it involves Charlie living with Grandma. Bob assures Gabe that once PJ is off to college, he'll have the room to himself. Mrs. Dabney asks if one of the boys can help her sort out her son's old room. Gabe decides to move into Mrs. Dabney's spare room that has a waterbed, a football table, and your own bathroom. This is where her son Rodney used to sleep. Gabe did so without telling his parents. Gabe enters his 'bedroom' to find PJ there already. It turns out PJ wants to take turns sleeping in the room, which Gabe isn't on board with. When they both refuse to leave, they end up sharing the room for a night. Mrs. Dabney called up Mr. Duncan because she found PJ and Gabe in the bed. This causes Gabe to reluctantly move back in with PJ.

End Credits

Gabe and PJ try to reclaim the 'cool bedroom', but find Charlie sitting with her toys on the water-bed. When Gabe said they could all share, Charlie throws a rubber ducky at the window, causing it to close and she says "Yay!". As Mrs. Dabney approaches the room, the boys duck behind the window, while Charlie hides in the bathroom. Mrs. Dabney, however, sees her cup, and Charlie comes out, giggling. Mrs. Dabney is surprisingly nice to her.



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Running Gags

Good Luck, Charlie

Ivy: Wish her good luck Charlie.

Memorable Quotes

PJ: You’re a jerk!
Gabe: You’re an idiot!
Ivy: Oh! What died in there?!
Teddy: My heart.
Man: (on TV) I will love you forever.
Teddy: LIAR! (throws rubber ducky at screen)
Ivy: Okay, once more from the top, and this time, I'll hit "record".
Gabe: 15 an hour goin' once, goin' twice...

Mrs. Dabney: What about that baby? She looks pretty strong
Bob: Alright enough.
Gabe: PJ we've got to have our own rooms.

Bob: Guys we've been over this the house just isn't big enough.

Background Information

Production Information

International Premieres

  • February 8, 2011 (Disney Channel Poland)


  • This episode is set two days after the previous episode, Girl Bites Dog


  • This episode is a reference of The Beatles 1967 album, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band".
  • In this episode, Teddy is shown sitting on the couch, clearly upset, and eating and watching television. The person on the television says "I will love you forever", causing Teddy to throw her food at the TV and yell "LIAR!". This is a reference to a similar scene in Legally Blonde, a 2001 American comedy film.


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