Anyways, you deserve someone great too. Somebody who's smart and kind, and well, eleven.

— Teddy Duncan

When Gabe realizes he has little in common with his stuffy new neighbor Austin, he tries to pawn him off on Teddy. After learning that Austin has a crush on her, Teddy decides to use him to make Spencer jealous. Meanwhile, PJ and Emmett's band invites a new person into their band, Jimmy Bartin and unfortunately catches a cold from Charlie, so Bob steps in to perform, but goes a little overboard.

Episode Summary

A new kid on the block named Austin (Nathan Gamble) who Gabe is forced to become friends with develops a crush on Teddy. She uses the crush to her advantage to make Spencer jealous, who has already gotten a new girlfriend. Meanwhile, Bob temporarily fills in as a member of PJ and Emmett's band after Charlie gets their newest member, Jimmy (Ryan Heinke).

End Credits

PJ walks in and sees Bob with a new bass. He tells him "Dad. You being is the band is a one-time thing!" Bob replies: "I have my own band now." The auditioners that failed are in the band. When they start to rehearse, there is a drum solo. Bob looks and it's Charlie.



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Running Gags

Good Luck, Charlie

Charlie's Lines

Amy: Charlie, drink your juice. It will make you feel better.

Charlie: No! No!

Amy: I don't think you want to argue with me. I know a lot more words.

Memorable Quotes

Austin: Lets get a goodie bag, quick kiss than were outta here?

Teddy: What?

Austin: I said lets get a goodie bag.

Austin: Will you go with me?

Teddy: Go with you where?

Austin: I'm asking you to be my girlfriend

Background Information

Production Information

International Premieres

  • February 22, 2011 (Disney Channel Poland)


  • When Teddy and Spencer are talking in the school hallway, the girl behind them opens her locker without entering a combination.
  • The intro is out of sync.
  • The cover story of teenage Bob is a teenage boy named Bo, from North High. However, their school South High has a big feud with North, making their friendship and convivial highly doubtful.


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"Teddy's Broken Heart Club Band"
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