Teddy goes with Ivy to her family's cabin on the lake, only to discover it's really just a small ice fishing hut where the whole family is cramped in for the weekend. Meanwhile, Amy and Bob try to investigate where Charlie learned a bad word and PJ and Gabe leave Mrs. Dabney's satellite damaged and are forced to invite her over to watch her daily soaps. They soon find themselves captivated with the soaps’ storylines, along with Mrs. Dabney.

Episode Summary 

Teddy joins Ivy at her family's but discovers it's more of a cramped fishing hut; PJ and Gabe invites Mrs. Dabney to watch her favorite soap opera, The Tears of Tomorrow, since they hit her satellite dish with a baseball. 

 Charlie learns a bad word from somewhere leading Bob and Amy to investigate where she learned it. It later turns out to be Amy's fault. 

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Running Gags

Good Luck, Charlie

Amy: Can I go now? This is boring!

(Charlie walks in the room.) Charlie: No!

Amy: Yeah! Well if you think I am going to sit in this chair the entire twenty minutes ho ho Good Luck Charlie.

Charlie's Lines

Bob: Whatcha doing?

Charlie: Time out.

Bob: What happened?

Charlie: I was bad.
Amy: Can I go now? This is boring.

(Charlie walks into the room)

Charlie: No!

Amy: Yeah well if you think I am going to sit in this chair the entire twenty minutes ho ho good luck Charlie.

Memorable Quotes

Bob: That's a Time-Out chair? This whole time, I thought it was just Gabe's chair.
Mrs Dabney: What was the word? (Bob whispers it to her)

Mrs Dabney: Uh! (Slaps Bob and stands up.)
Bob: I wasn't saying it to you!

Mrs Dabney: You sure won't be saying it twice! (walks out)
I can't believe we never found out who taught Charlie that word.

Amy: (slams on brakes) How about a turn signal, you..(Car horn honks)

Bob: Case closed.

Background Information

  • The bad word Charlie learns is never said out loud, and is only said in whispers, or, in Amy's case, drowned out by a car horn. This is due to censorship.
  • This is the same plot in The Modern Family episode "Little Bo Bleep".

Production Information



  • Harry is shown to get over attached to an object. (Amazing Gracie)
  • This is the second episode to show a show that Mrs. Dabney likes. (Charlie Shakes It Up!).
  • This is the last episode produced before the movie release.
  • Teddy is known not to be trusted with prized possessions of others (Amazing Gracie)



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