Teddy decides to break up with Derek, but he continuously does nice things for her. Meanwhile, Amy becomes Gabe's new hockey coach and hurts herself during a game. Bob must get PJ's job back after giving him advice that got him fired.

Episode Summary

Gabe enters the kitchen and asks Bob to sign him up for hockey, much to the latter's surprise. He tries to talk Gabe out of it but fails to do so, for Amy excitedly rushes downstairs with a shampoo-haired Charlie and tells them a story about her hockey career. She then explains that she has always hoped that one of their children will strap on the skates and follow her footsteps.

End Credits

PJ and the 3 Kwikki Chikki's were relaxing at the Duncan house, so PJ decided to play Home on the Range, as Amy walks in, still toothless, Bob tells the other Kwikki's to back off and that Amy is his toothless darling.


  • Home on the Range


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Running Gags

Good Luck, Charlie

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Charlie's Lines

Charlie: Psycho!
Amy: Yes, Charlie! Mommy is psycho!
PJ: Enjoy your childhood, Charlie, 'cause it's not going to last very long.

Charlie: Cookie?

PJ: PJ wove a cookie.

Memorable Quotes

Bob: Hi, sweetie!

PJ: Hey, Dad.

Bob: Actually, I was... Hey, PJ.
Ivy: [to everybody else about Teddy] Sorry everyone, first breakup. Teddy: Hey, this breakup is not over! I'm calling you later!
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Background Information

  • It is revealed that PJ is the smartest of all the employees at his job.

Production Information

International Premieres

  • January 7, 2012 (Disney Channel Poland)


  • Teddy continues to date Derek from previous episodes.
  • PJ still works at Kwikki Chikki.
  • Amy is still obsessed over sports.


  • Teddy says she has never broken up with anyone before, but she broke up with Spencer before this.
    • However, she might not consider it since he cheated on her with Skylar.



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