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With the exception of Charlie, Amy deems the rest of the family unfit for a big musical number benefiting the annual hospital gala, so she replaces them. Meanwhile, Teddy suspects Ivy is guilty of something, so she puts her on the stand during a mock trial in class and Gabe ropes PJ into making extra money by selling junk online.

Episode Summary

Amy is having a benefit for the hospital to beat her rival Fran Culpepper. When the family proves uncooperative in the rhythmic dancing. Amy hires professional dancers to replace the members of the family except for Charlie. Meanwhile, Teddy's classmate Lynette doesn't invite her to her party but invites Ivy. Later, she finds out Ivy has been making up excuses to go somewhere else. Teddy suspects that Ivy went to the party without her. Also, Gabe and PJ sell "old" junk on the internet to raise money. The boys accidentally sell Bob's glasses and the washing machine.

End Credits

At Teddy's government class, Amy was put on trial for replacing her family. The prosecuting attorney (Teddy) requested the maximum punishment, as well as Amy's attorney Gabe (because of a time she made him eat all his broccoli). When Teddy said that they were ready for the verdict, Charlie (the judge) says "Guilty Mommy" and bangs her gavel.


Guest Stars

  • Cameron Boyce as Fake Gabe



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Running Gags

Good Luck, Charlie

Charlie's Lines

Teddy: Let's show Gabe what you've learned. Charlie, what's the opposite of up?

Charlie: Down.
Teddy: What's the opposite of big?
Charlie: Little.
Teddy: What's the opposite of good?

Charlie: Gabe...!
Charlie: Guilty Mommy!

Memorable Quotes

Spencer: Hey, "counselor"! I uh, gotta warn you, my dad's a lawyer, so... I might have an advantage.

Teddy: Oh, yeah, [stuttering] I'm-I'm not afraid, my dad's an exterminator.
Spencer: What does that mean?

Teddy: I'm gonna crush you like a bug!
Gabe: And so do I.

Amy: What are you doing? You're my attorney!

Gabe: Remember the night when you made me eat all my broccoli? Who's laughing now?
PJ: I can't believe how much money we're making selling our old junk online. Gabe: It's easier than taking candy from a baby. And, I mean, I should know. I take candy from Charlie all the time.
Amy: Fake mom, you can go home now.

Gabe: Huh, no way! We love fake mom!
PJ: She cooks, she cleans...
Bob: She even changes diapers.
Amy: ...Diapers? Really?
Fake Mom: [nods]

Amy: Huh... welcome to the family.

Background Information

Production Information

International Premieres

  • September 10, 2011 (Disney Channel Poland)


  • The first use of "ba-bam"



  • In "Appy Days", Teddy reveals that Ivy's voice gets high-pitched whenever she lies, but in this episode, her voice doesn't get high-pitched when she lies about her dad's birthday.
  • In "Butt Dialing Duncans", the student named Walter who is picked as Emmett's partner is in PJ's class, but in this episode, he is in Teddy's class.
  • When Ivy hands the strawberry to Teddy, she is holding it differently to when she was holding it before.
  • Ivy says she never had a boyfriend, but in the first season, it was revealed she went out with Emmett before she starting dating Raymond.


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