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Plot I

Teddy starts to believe that someone is out to get her. Teddy and Ivy soon find many suspects who could have possibly set her up. After a talk with Victor, Teddy learns that multiple members of the chess club told someone they like or were in a relationship with that Teddy liked them. 

Plot II

When Charlie and Deedee start talking back to their parents, Amy and Debbie Dooley try to find out which one of them the girls learned it from. When the moms start arguing, Bob and Doug Dooley try to sort the problem out themselves. It turns out that the girls learned to talk back to their parents from Mrs. Dabney.

Plot III

Gabe has PJ pretend he is his legal guardian when he gets in trouble at school so his parents don't know. 


On its premiere night, "The Unusual Suspects" was watched by an audience of approximately 1.9 million, making it the lowest-rated episode of both Season 4 and the series in its entirety. This episode aired June 8th, 2013.

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