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About Me!

Hello!!! There i like Good Luck Charlie but I'm mostly here to help make this wiki better! I am here to help as I know how to use Wikia very well! I am currently very happy with all the work I have done on this wik


i, and would hope the spamming stops!If you were wondering I'm 13, I and have a younger brother and sister, so I end up watching Disney a lot! I really do love them!(especially Good Luck Charlie) I also love Sims, and I'm very active on the Sims Wiki. I also LOVE Legos! My favorite food is tacos for those stalkers, LOL just kidding, I don't really care that's why I put it up here :) ♦2


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My favorite character is
Amy Duncan!

I want the 5th Duncan Child to be a

This user ships

Smiley faces :)

I love smiley faces! :)

For every smiley face put online, Ten more are made in the real world! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)



Favorite Characters!

Disney Characters

Charlie Duncan

Piggy charlie.jpg She's cute and awesome! I love her line so little so short so cute!

Amy Duncan

Amy, Amy, Amy. She really makes the show! With her "talents on everything" (besides cooking) she makes the perfect funny mom!


Soos.jpg Soos is wise and awesome! HE is with out a doubt my favorite charater on Gravity Falls


Dez from Austin and ally is a really funny guy. He's knew to Disney and has already made me like him. Go DEZ!


Is this Django.jpg

From Phineas and Ferb it's Django, perhaps one of the most forgoten charcters. Djnago is my favorite Phineas and Ferb charcter. He's like a male version of my sister silent but has a talent with paint!



An older character form an older show, It's Rufus the naked mole rat! I also liked him and ron, what a great pair they made in Kim Possible, miss that show.

Non-Disney Characters

Anthony DiNozzo

Anthony DiNozzo.jpg

Anthony DiNozzo is my favorite NCIS chracter! He has style loves cars and knows everything about movies!


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