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Our wiki has come a long way since it's humble beginnings. several major vandalism tons of digital "paperwork" design and coding has gone into this wiki. Why am i sating this? Well as many of you may know Season 4 of Good Luck Charlie is coming out later this month. To celebrate we are going to in depth of the wiki and share it's beginnings to the world! Me and Jessie1010 have decided to start a "vintage blog" each day (at least one of us) to share the wiki's history up until the premier of season 4!

Today's Topic: "Jtsfan13, Our Founder"

Jtsfan13 is a very mysterious person. He founded this wiki so very long ago (Feb 2, 2010 to be exact @ 23:10) He then did nothing for years randomly edited for a bit then left again. He did however recently edit on the Jake Cinoa page. Our founder may be mysterious at least to what he has put into the wiki he is non the less our founder and we ow it all to him!

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Old intro.png Old Front page intro!