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In the afternoon, Teddy does a video diary for Charlie on every episode.

Gabe starts a video diary for Toby in Wentz Weather Girls.


Outside From Your House For The First Time

Charlie is 9-10 months old and her siblings want her to go outside for the first time. But Amy and Bob are not ready to bring her out. It then turns complicated that Emma and PJ swap strollers but then reunited at the restaurant while Amy and bob on a date. This causes the Duncan Kids to be grounded (Baby Come Back).

Best Friends

Ivy and her mom were introduced in Teddy's video diary. In order to get along, try texting but don't text with your mothers or else you'll get jealous ("The Curious Case of Mr. Dabney").

First Steps/Trying Something That You Have To Take That You Don't Like

Charlie's now 11 months old and it's not there yet. In order to wait,

First Love, First Kiss

Teddy talks about her first kiss about Spencer which will cause Charlie to find her first love with someone.

A Lesson in Stealing

Teddy makes a promise to Charlie not to steal anything like the time she shoplifted sunglasses.

Gabe's Video Diaries

Gabe begins his own run for Video Diaries for Toby in the episode Wentz Weather Girls. He ends it with the phrase "Good Fortune Toby". In his first one Gabe gives Toby advice about falling for a girl. Teddy interrupts saying that video diaries are her thing to which Gabe replies "Not anymore!" When asked what does Good Fortune Toby mean Gabe says that he means Toby won't need Good Luck Charlie.

Amy's Video Diaries

Because Teddy is Grounded in Baby's First Vacation for Charlie Duncan Good Luck Charlie

Good luck Charlie Catchphrase

At the end of almost every video diary, somebody says "Good Luck Charlie". Usually Teddy says it, but sometimes another character says it instead. For some reason, whenever Teddy does a video diary at the beginning of an episode, she doesn't say "Good Luck Charlie", probably because she isn't telling a story/teaching a lesson.


  • Teddy only makes video diaries for Charlie. (Not Toby)
  • In Futuredrama we see that Charlie will use the diary as a way to get advice from Teddy. However she has a bad habit of not watching them to the end, which causes her to sometimes make the same mistakes as Teddy.